At the very beginning of the development path of their project, the owners are faced with the question of choosing between paid and free hosting. Of course, owners of small or non-commercial projects often choose a free server, because it helps to save money, which are so important in the initial stages. Considering that free hosting services provide a fairly wide range of services (especially this is enough for small projects), they seem to be an excellent alternative to paid ones. Nevertheless, if free hosting were in no way inferior to paid, they would not be free. Consider the main disadvantages of free servers.

Slow speed

Unfortunately, free hosting is noticeably inferior in speed to paid, and this becomes noticeable even in the first minutes spent on the site. This is due to the fact that a very large number of different projects are being downloaded, and technical support does not monitor the level of loads. To determine the speed that you get on a particular hosting, you need to use a test period. Upload your project to several providers and try to check the page loading speed using special services.

Disk space

Now almost any free hosting provides at least 200 MB of free disk space. If you have a small project, blog or homepage, then this space should be enough for you. If your site has a lot of graphics and audio, you definitely need significantly more free space.

File size

In addition to limiting the total amount of free disk space, there are also restrictions on the size of each file. Some free hosting sites may be prohibited from posting files of some especially heavy formats. There may also be a problem with the location of archives or the possibility of unzipping them.


Free hosting should also exist due to something. Advertising helps them with this. The hosting administration can place advertising banners on your site that can spoil its appearance. Try to choose such places for banners where they will look organically. But simple advertising is not so bad. Some free hosting companies advertise indecent content. Such banner ads can scare away customers and damage the reputation of your project. By the way, free hosting providers may also prohibit you from posting other people’s banners. This may affect the profit of the project.

Upload site to server

Free hosting, unlike paid ones, may not use FTP protocols or SSH access to download your site. Then you have to fill out a special form to upload each file. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find free providers with more advanced technologies.

Before you opt for a specific hosting, study its placement rules. Some hosting companies have a list of topics that are prohibited for posting. In this case, you will have to change the subject or choose another place to place the site. Remember, if your site is hosted on a free hosting, it will not cause much trust among visitors. This is especially important if you are going to take your project seriously. Do not forget that there are test VDS servers that provide free hosting, usually the first week or month. Perhaps, during the test period, your project will already begin to make a profit and you can be hosted on a paid hosting.
If you still decide to purchase a paid hosting, then it is worth exploring all the options that are currently available on the hosting services market. In recent times, cloud servers have become popular, which can be found in more details here This is a great option in terms of combining price and quality.