Fans of slot machines are different. And you can divide them into types, depending on what online slots they like. We propose to explore together the type of fans of machines. But if you want to start your way into the gambling industry, then you should first find the most reliable online casino. You can do this at a specialized resource that will help you select the best options among modern online casinos. You can use this site

Lovers of classics

These players don’t much like novelties and know that things used to be much better. They believe that today the manufacturers do not put their hearts into slot machines and create the most common machines. So they continue to play Monkey, Strawberry, and other classics, which is a complete copy of the old land-based machines.


These people are not afraid of experiments, but rather very fond of them. Therefore, they are happy to spend time on the various slots and like to try something new and unusual. Often their favorites are games with certain subjects – movies, cartoons, historical events. But they also do not abandon the classics, because they are willing to try any machine

Connoisseurs of technological innovations

These players choose machines with more interesting and modern features. For example, they like options with six reels or without them at all, slots without lines, but with more thorough and traced options.


These players adhere to the strategy that you need to play only the most gambling slots. They choose the machines with the largest payouts, gladly participate in tournaments and make large bets. It is important for them to prove to themselves that they can take risks and get big winnings.

Celebrities who have left a fortune in casinos

Celebrities are very fond of gambling at casinos. And they are not afraid to leave impressive amounts of money there. We will tell you about those celebrities who left a fortune in the gaming establishments.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The famous actor likes to play poker. He believes that he can control his own emotions, as well as calculate every step. But it also happens that the Hollywood celestial loses big. So, once he left in a casino with about 50 thousand dollars.

Matt Damon

It’s no secret that the actor likes to play poker. And often he enters into a battle with other celebrities. But it is not possible for him to win. For example, during preparations for the filming of the next movie, Damon lost $25,000 in poker.

Adris Erglis

He likes to gamble so much that sometimes he left whole sums of money. The singer said that after his parents divorced, he tried to distract himself at the casino. And it worked for him. But at the same time, he lost so much money that “you could have no problem buying an apartment,” Erglis admitted.<

Charles Barkley

The famous basketball player likes to vacation at casinos in Las Vegas. He says he’s already spent about $10 million. But he’s not going to stop, because he can afford it.

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