Making the right logo is never an easy job. You must have taken some time to complete the logo for your business or website, and not yet the last one you have to decide. People mostly do not know that they have a more important decision to make for their website. Logo placement can be either effectively improve your website or decrease your website’s performance.

There are three possible positions where logos can go: top-left, top-middle, or top-right corner of a page. Then, which position is right for your logo? Would a unique placement of your logo fit better with your brand identity? Let’s find out.


According to the Nielsen Norman Group, logos serve three purposes on modern websites:
1. Reminding visitors about the website.
2. Providing easy navigation to the homepage.
3. Improving brand recognition, as the logo always remains there at the top of the site.



The NNGroup observed the response of 128 users in the left-versus-right study. Each user was allowed to see only one version of a website. It is either the original left-aligned logo website or the one with the logo and navigation on the right.

The users were given a minute to review the website. Then, they were asked a series of questions and shown photos of 10 hotel websites. The purpose of this test is to find out the effect of logo placement on brand recognition. The following statements were the results:

  1. Left-aligned logos lead to better brand recognition. The statistic shows that 39% of users were able to recall the brand with left-aligned logos, whereas there is only 21% for the right-aligned version.
  2. Left-aligned logos lead to better recognition as a ‘unique’ brand. The users labeled a left-aligned logo as more unique and stylish than the right-aligned one.


The NNGroup also conducted the research to find out the effect of the center-aligned logo. Two different tests were conducted to determine the power of a centered logo. The first test gave out one retail website for 50 users to interact with it. There are eight websites with a centered logo and a left-aligned logo for the other six websites. The samples were asked to complete different tasks to test their performances in using the navigation and return to the homepage. This was the result:

  • Left-aligned logos have better performance in terms of navigation. There is only 4% of users failed to navigate home in a single click with a logo on the left side. In contrast, the centered-aligned logo had failed 24% of users to get to the homepage in one click.

In the second test, the NNGroup showed 128 users with five different hotel websites. Four websites have various positions of a logo either the left or in the center, while the last one has a right-aligned logo. They asked the users a series of questions to find out brand recognition. The following statement is the result:

  • The difference between left or centered logos does not affect brand recognition. Even though the test presented users the same logo in various spots, brand recognition was inconsistent in this test.


No explanation needed! Left is definitely the best position based on the studies mentioned above. The reasons are:

  1. The usual behavior of many people shows that they do not look at the right-hand corner of a website for a logo. Therefore, brand recognition can be affected by this behavior as well.
  2. Another behavior is to look for navigation on the top corners of a website, so placing a logo and/or navigation in the center can cause confusion of website users.

The left-aligned logo is located where it naturally draws the attention of users, so the left-hand side is the ideal position to place your logo. Please keep this in mind that while centered logo can give a sense of stylish and sleek to your website, it doesn’t serve its job very well in terms of increasing brand recognition. User experience is the main priority that you should take it into consideration. Similar to a right-aligned logo, it can have the same effect as a centered logo.

Logo placement is not the only thing that matters, but the logo itself plays an important role in presenting your brand or business. Finding the right design, color and shape for your logo can take a lot of time. But do you want to know the secret that can speed up this process? Hiring a professional website and graphic company to get it done for you. Plus, if you are looking for an expert to help with your website in Bangkok, Thailand, then you are in the right place. Contact us!