It is true that attractive-looking web or graphic designs will keep the visitors exploring your website. However, another key element in every design is content. Content that is on point will complement your design and make it more meaningful. An attractive web design with interesting content will draw more visitors to your website and can even help them decide to buy your products or engage with you. Therefore, you should never ignore the words that you put on your website.

Below are reasons why quality content is vital in web and graphic design.


You can say that the success of your web or graphic design depends on the quality of words. That’s because words give intellectual value to the design. They are capable of attracting visitors and convince them to take action. That’s why the right choice of words is a major contributor to the increased conversion and sales on your website.

To create high-quality content, you need to know the needs of your website visitors.


Sometimes it’s hard for normal people to understand the meaning behind a web or graphic design created by a designer who are very creative. Therefore, words are a tool that helps convey the meaning of those designs to the visitors.

Well-written content can also help prevent visitors from getting lost on your website. It will also guide them through your products or services, thereby improving overall navigation.

As we’ve illustrated, a good design alone is not enough to communicate with your website visitors. For them to understand the message you’re trying to convey, an appropriate use of words is imperative.


When someone visits your website, you’d want them to remember it for as long as possible, right? This is especially true when that ‘someone’ is not trying to buy a product right away but is looking for that one ‘best’ option. In this case, you’ll want your visitors to return to your website after having visited many other websites. Therefore, it’s important to make your website easy to remember. A memorable website often has a design and content that are equally attractive. So, you should give emphasis not only to the web design but also to the words used on your website.


It would be a waste if nobody can’t find your website on the internet.  In order to increase the number people visiting your website, your content needs to be SEO friendly. You can make your content SEO friendly by incorporating effective and well-researched keywords. Blogs with SEO friendly content along with catchy designs can also increase your website traffic.


Make sure that your content fits the space provided by the designers. Using too many words can spoil the attractiveness of the design and drive the visitors away so be sure to keep the balance between the design and content.

Additionally, effective placement of words in printed materials can decrease the number of pages and printing cost!

Every design should have a particular space for placing text. If you’re having trouble creating a design that can fit in all your text, having your website professionally created by a web design company in Bangkok, Thailand is another great option.

To conclude, when it comes to website design or graphic design, the design is not everything. It’s the content that makes the difference. A good website often comes with a great design and inspiring content. Therefore, you should pay attention not only to the design but also to the words you use.

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