Growth hormone is a peptide hormone that is produced in the anterior lobe of the human pituitary gland. In sports and bodybuilding, in particular, it is used to build high-quality muscles, that is, to form the maximum possible muscle relief and draw their cross-section.

During adolescence, hormones are allocated to a greater extent than ever before to any event and leads to the desired strengthening of the bone tissue and the formation of the whole organism. But then its production slows down significantly and is reduced to naught, while bodybuilders and powerlifters have learned to use the drug for their own purposes, which are easier to achieve with it. 

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If you are an adult and an adequate person, then you must understand that an expensive product in production cannot be expensive, that it simply cannot. That is, if the price does not correspond to reality, then there is either no declared dosage, or another drug is placed, or even a dummy. And in the end it turns out that by spending money, although not so big, you get the effect equal to zero. The cost of a high-quality hormone for mass, you can view and buy growth hormones on the website of our steroid store.  

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Growth hormone in sports. Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Growth hormone preparations , like most sports pharmacology, have been synthesized for medical purposes, but seeing their effect in the form of a qualitative increase in muscle mass with simultaneous burning of body fat, their use in sports was not long in coming. The first growth drug was extracted from the pituitary gland of a non-living person, and after prolonged practice by this method, there was a need for a synthetic substance, which was developed in 1980.  

 For the growth of muscle mass, this bundle also with anabolic steroids, gives an excellent result, muscle growth goes at a colossal pace, the athlete does not swim with fat, as it happens on a pharma course, without the use of GH, and there is also a certain growth of bone tissue.   

But I would like to note that these combinations, in terms of their strength and financial costs, are suitable only for qualified and performing bodybuilders, when sport is their job. Undoubtedly, every day, growth hormones are becoming more and more available to the general public, thanks to this factor, amateur bumps who do not want to wait a year to acquire the figure of their dreams can already buy growth hormone. Source site:

Benefits of HGH for Muscles  

  • Anabolic effect on the body of athletes
  • Strong anti- catabolic – prevents muscle breakdown by cortisol
  • Significantly reduces the subcutaneous fat layer locally
  •   Promotes body recovery and wound healing
  • Has the effect of rejuvenating the body
  • Promotes bodybuilder bone growth and bone strengthening 
  • Improves immunity 

Human Growth Hormone. Lean Muscle Mass and Muscle Set | drying  

The most basic and perhaps most important reason for the use of growth hormone by bodybuilders is its ability to significantly and with 100% of the result reduce the amount of body fat. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that growth medications greatly strengthens the ligaments and tendons, and also contributes to the selection of high-quality meat, that is, their hypertrophy . Also, due to the thickening of connective tissue and cartilage, athletes may not fear so much about the injuries that can be caused by working with heavy weights.  

These factors will be useful both in bodybuilding and in powerlifting, but you should not expect that growth hormone can increase strength indicators, unfortunately this is not the case, but for this there is a joint application with AAS courses. 

Summarizing, we can say that preparations of growth is not for beginners and for those who like it has a lot of positive qual STV, etc. , and the almost complete absence of any side effects, does not require post-cycle recovery, does not suppress testosterone production, does not aromatize. But its disadvantage is the high cost and not low cost, since the original cannot be bought cheaply, but in a fake, as mentioned above, it makes no sense.